August 27, 2020

Matthew’s Senior Portrait Session Waterfront Park 2019 Louisville KY

Waterfront Park Senior Portrait Session Louisville KY


When Matthew told me her wanted an urban chic feel, I know we had to take his Senior Portraits at Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville.
When we first got to Waterfront Park there were few people around making the atmosphere perfect.
Climbing the spiral staircase around the walking bridge was the perfect way to get a backdrop of downtown Louisville Kentucky.
At one point Matthew couldn’t help but jump for joy over graduating from high school.
“My family makes me, me. Everything I do or say has always reflected how I was raised. If I don’t think it’s right, I typically think about how my mom or dad would react in this situation.
I grew up UK but I would put the color shirt of whoever is winning on because my mom is UK and my dad is UL.
I’m passionate about making people feel good. No matter what mood I’m in, if someone is upset or not feeling well, I see it as my mission to make sure they’re okay and help them if they need anything.
I’m currently attending the University of Kentucky studying architecture.
I’m not going to rush, I’m not interested in many fraternity scenes. Due to COVID-19 I’m not sure if I’ll join any clubs but I really want to go to some football and basketball games.
I want to be someone who always has a smile on their and stay positive for as long as I can. My goal is to become an architect and I feel having a positive attitude is a great way to aid in getting there.
My mom was very adamant about getting senior pictures done because she wanted to have them and she thought I would too. She was right and I love them.
My favorite photo is the one of me leaning against the brick/window with my sunglasses pulled down slightly. I think it’s a really cool reflecting photo and it makes me feel like a model.”
Our 2019 season wouldn’t have been the same without Matthew and we are so excited to be able to share these incredible photos of one of our favorite fellas at Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville!

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