March 29, 2023

The Best Senior Portrait Locations in Louisville Kentucky

The Best Senior Portrait Locations in Louisville Kentucky

As a high school senior, getting your portrait taken is a rite of passage. It’s a chance to capture this special time in your life before you move on to the next chapter.

But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect location for your senior portraits.

That’s why here at Green Apple Seniors we’ve put together the 16 best senior portrait locations in Louisville Kentucky (and the surrounding area) to help you find the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless setting or something more unique and trendy, we’ve got you covered. From natural landscapes to urban environments, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the best locations to take your high school senior portraits.

So grab your favorite outfit and get ready to strike a pose in some of the most stunning locations across Louisville!


Here is our list of the best of the best locations for your senior portraits:

  1. Anchorage Trail
  2. BlackAcre Conservancy
  3. Big Rock Park
  4. Papa Johns Park
  5. Norton Commons
  6. Yew Dell Gardens
  7. The Parklands
  8. St James Court
  9. Nulu
  10. Sawyer Hayes Center
  11. Downtown Anchorage
  12. Waterfront Botanical Gardens
  13. 2nd Street Bridge
  14. Falls of the Ohio
  15. Big Four Bridge
  16. Mt St Francis
  17. Bernheim Forest


Anchorage Trail 

With a 2 mile trail culminating at a lake overlook, this path is perfect for that senior who wants elegant, natural images.  With architectural bridges, fields of grass, and trails leading off the main concrete path, you can’t go wrong with Anchorage Trail.



BlackAcre Conservancy

Nestled into a corner of Jeffersontown, this beautiful conservancy is home to a working barn.  Everyday encounters with horses and goats can elevate your experience here along with a visit to the waterfall – (rain level dependent).  While Blackacre Conservancy allows photography, they do require a permit so be sure to hire someone who has already acquired one!


Big Rock Park

With rock formations galore, Big Rock Park has everything a nature lover could want.  Hanging ivy, a walkable creek and a small waterfall graze this small park.  Named for the large, climbable (and jumpable) rock, the main draw is the water.  We at Green Apple Seniors love this being on our best senior portrait location because we adore when our seniors are willing to get a little adventurous.



The Belvedere/Downtown Louisville

When our high school seniors want a feel for the urban, we always suggest a jaunt onto Main Street.  With the distillery district, the Humana building and the Belvedere all within footsteps of each other, an urban feel is highly attainable for any senior session.


Papa Johns Park

Located in Jeffersontown, this gem of a park has short trails around around two ponds.  One pond has two options for waterfalls, depending on the time of day.  If you want to be waterfall free, Like Colin here, you’re best bet is to head there in the mornings.  The waterfalls turn on around 10am on weekdays and noon on weekends.  With seasonal flowers, this park is one of the best senior portrait locations in the city.

Norton Commons

Another hidden gem is Norton Commons.  While it’s technically a neighborhood, the architecture alone can add a certain ambience.  There are fountains and an amphitheater along with a large green area boasting willow trees and bridges.  As Norton Commons continues to develop we expect there will be other locations that pop up and make Norton Commons even more appealing for your senior portrait location.

Yew Dell Gardens 

The appeal of this location being on our best senior portrait location is in the name… Gardens!  And that’s what you get at Yew Dell Gardens – various feels from a romantic hidden garden, to tree lined walkways, to greenhouses, to a real life castle!  This location has it all.  You won’t be disappointed if this is where you choose to take your senior portraits, but do know there is a $75 permit fee you will have to pay to have your images taken here.

The Parklands

Being in Louisville means we have access to the Parklands, a system of parks surrounding the outside of the city.  Beckley Creek, Pope Lick, Turkey Run and Broad Run Park all make up this system.  With a creek running throughout, the appeal of water, barns, trails, and fields is ideal for those seniors who want to focus on nature in their session.

St James Court

Historical and architecturally stunning, St James Ct isn’t just for those who want to celebrate great art (If you don’t know what we’re referring to, a large art fair is held on this city block in early October each year).  Why does this make our list of best senior portrait locations?  Hidden alleyways lead to common green areas brimming with trees and florals.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to show off their city?


Don’t want to be downtown but want to feel like you’re downtown?   Nulu is the place for you.  With urban appeal and unique venues, this area of Louisville is great for those seniors who want some quirkiness in their images.


Sawyer Hayes Center 

The Sawyer Hayes Center makes it way onto our list of best senior portrait locations because of the universal appeal of fields regardless of the time of year.  From green blooms in the spring to a truly golden aesthetic in the fall, this spot can really highlight a senior at any time of the year.

Downtown Anchorage

We’ve talked about the appeal of Anchorage Trail already on this list, but one thing we’d be sad to miss would be the incredible use of downtown Anchorage.  A small town located between Middletown and Fincastle, the main government building makes for a beautiful backdrop.  A stunning fountain just west of the building is also stunning and the brick decor in the downtown area is also a great backdrop.  Bonus!  It’s all walkable within 300 yards of each other.

Waterfront Botanical Gardens 

One of the newer venues on Green Apple Senior’s best list is the Waterfront Botanical Gardens.  The gardens connect to the Beargrass Creek Parkway by way of a switchback of bridges that can be used as a great backdrop.  Make sure you check their website for hours of operation as the Gardens aren’t open late most evenings.

2nd Street Bridge (Above and Below)

Whether you’re a University of Louisville Cards fan or not, the bridge and street next to the Yum Center offers tons of options for our seniors.   The flood gates happen to be our favorite and posing with the troll at Troll Pub is a must! An urban and unique feel can be accomplished in one city block.



Falls of the Ohio

With an incredible view of downtown Louisville, Falls of the Ohio park in Indiana is another great option for those wanting to show off their city, but still feel like their in nature.  After the initial view of the city, further down the road is an area with rocky juggernauts leading down to the Ohio River.  With a plethora of skeletal fossils, this area is not only beautiful, but you could end up walking home with a bit of history.



Big Four Bridge

The Walking Bridge finishes out our best senior portrait locations in Louisville, Kentucky.   (The next two are a drive away).  With views of the city and a feel like you’re on a beach, this location is stunning to create your memorable, timeless portraits.  We love heading here around sunset and capturing that insane sunset that happens nearby.



Mt St Francis

Located 20 minutes outside of Louisville is the home of Catholic Retreat Center.  Mount St. Francis boasts beautiful trails surrounding a lake.  One of the main draws here are the rowboats and beautifully maintained docks.  This is on our list of one of the best senior portrait locations for a reason.


Bernheim Forest 

Bernheim Forest is about a 45 minute drive south of Louisville heading toward Nashville, but it is well worth the drive.  Making the list of our best senior portrait locations, this forest has a combination of EVERYTHING we have already discussed with any of the parks.  From lakes to forest, florals to fields, this park can give you a bit of it all – and its an economical option.  Be sure your photographer has a permit once again at this location.


To conclude, you really can’t go wrong with any of these locations for your senior portraits.


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