November 16, 2020

Justin’s Senior Portrait Session Mount Saint Francis Mt St Francis IN 2020

Mount Saint Francis Senior Portrait Session Mount St Francis IN


Being the track star he is, Justin wanted to take some photos at Floyd Central’s football stadium before heading to Mt. Saint Francis for his lakeside senior portraits.

Justin was so smooth, so cool, that we just couldn’t stop snapping photos.

I found out along the way that his mother owned a Snap Fitness and being in shape and healthy was a huge priority for them.

As an only child, Justin is definitely doted on by his parents.

They were there to support and encourage him the whole time, and when they saw some of his portraits, his mother shed one tear and his dad smiled wide with pride.

Once we left the track and headed to Mount Saint Francis, Justin really got into his groove.

By the end of the session he was asking me if I thought he might be able to model.

I know what my answer was, but take a look below and let me know what you think!

mount st francis mount st francis senior portrait session