Blackacre Conservancy Senior Session Louisville KY


When we arrived at Blackacre Conservancy and Claire came running out of her car, we could sense the feeling of anticipation within her.  Her bubbliness and exuberant personality outshined even the fall sky.

Her outfit choices were the perfect combination of fall comfort; a chunky, ivory sweater with a long necklace allowed her hair to shine against the changing leaves, a corduroy skirt to mimic the color of the barn, and the perfect hat to accentuate those green eyes, each allowed for her personality to shine through while she remained truly comfortable during our session.

In Claire’s own words, her ”sense of humor definitely shapes me into the person I am today. I believe if you aren’t having fun then you aren’t living life to the fullest. So I am definitely passionate about living life to the fullest like having fun and laughing!”  You can see this in her photos, can’t you?  The mysteriousness with a dash of mischief.  That’s Claire to a T.

This fall Claire is going to Transylvania University.  She was recruited to be a part of the lacrosse team and is thrilled so many of her high school friends will be right up the road at the University of Kentucky.  She’s going to study elementary education.  Her sense of humor should help her control, and love on, those wryly littles.  Her goal is to join a sorority during Rush this fall and she’s also been welcomed with open arms into the Translyvania University choir program.  She was an integral part of the Eastern acapella group while in High School.  The group performed around the country to numerous dignitaries and festivals

When I asked Claire why she decided to have her senior photos taken she said that I was the reason.  She had heard fantastic things about how I ran my sessions and the care I took to ensure each student had a unique, individual experience that was authentically them.Her favorite photo from her session is the one where she is playing ‘peek a boo” with her hat.  She just loves the expression on her face and how her eyes sparkle.  I have to agree!  It’s one of my favorites too!

One of the kindest things a senior can say is that they love the photos they receive, but this sweetheart went a step further telling me that she aspires to be like me someday.  I couldn’t ask for a better compliment.

I’m so grateful Claire chose Blackacre Conservancy and even more grateful she chose Green Apple Seniors.